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Screening for colorectal cancer

Cancer of the colon and rectum (colorectal cancer) is a common cancer affects both males and females. In Singapore, it is the second most common cancer. Advanced colorectal cancer may result in symptoms such as change in bowel habit, constipation, blood in stools, weight loss, anaemia or abdominal discomfort. However, early colorectal cancer frequently does not cause any symtoms.

Colorectal polyps are benign lesions that may transform over time in cancer. Removal of colorectal polyps will prevent the progression into cancer.  Like early colorectal cancer, colorectal polyps do not usually cause any symptoms. Polyps can be removed easily during colonoscopy via a procedure termed polypectomy. Special instruments are inserted through a channel in the colonscope to remove and retrieve the polyp for further analysis.


As colorectal polyps and early colorectal cancer do not usually cause symptoms and are treatable, colorectal screening is recommended in asymptomatic individuals with increased risk factors, including individuals aged 50 years old and above.


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